Essential Medical Oil Series

Name Angelica oil
Appearance Reddish brown liquid
Relative Density 0.9360-0.9800
Refractive 1.4950-1.5510
Acid value ≤20.0
Heavy Metal ≤0.001
Content With ligustilide in more than 45% fat
Use Blood circulation, regulate menstruation pain, laxative
Name Vitex oil
Appearance Yellow to orange yellow clear liquid; has a special aroma and taste slightly spicy
Relative Density 0.890-0.910
Refractive 1.485-1.500
Specific rotation +23°
Content 99.8% of volatile oil
Use Expelling phlegm, lower gas pain. Cough asthma, stomach Temple, hernia, leucorrhea women
Name Magnolia Oil
Appearance brown or brown-yellow liquid with Magnolia flavor
Relative Density 0.938-0.953
Refractive 1.498-1.503
Content Citral, eugenol, cineole
Use Divergent cold, through the nasal passage
Name Asarum oil
Appearance Light yellow liquid with a special smell of Asarum
Relative Density 0.955-0.972
Refractive 1.495-1.523
Content Methyl eugenol, β-pinene, borneol, cineole, safrole
Use Expelling wind, cold, water lines, resuscitation
Name Valerian Oil
Appearance Green to brown liquid with a special woody, incense, musk smell
Relative Density  0.953-0.990
Refractive 1.4861-1.5021
Ester value 130
Acid value 5
Content Valerian ene ≥ 33%
Pinene 17%
Camphor and other ene
Use Uneasy, weak stomach; waist pain; irregular menstruation; bruises
Name Dalbergia odorifera oil
Appearance Light yellow to amber viscous liquid with a special smell of the woods and incense.
Relative Density  0.946-0.962
Refractive 1.488-1.512
Specific rotation  +3° - +37°
Content More than 90% volatile oil
Use Invigorate the circulation of qi and the pain and bleeding
Name Atractylis oil
Appearance Yellow waxy solid with white crystal
Relative Density 0.900-0.910
Refractive 1.498-1.499
Content Atractylol > 38%
Atractylon 16%
Atractylene 8%
Use Drying damp and strengthening spleen
Name Notopterygium oil
Appearance Brown liquid, with a cooling herb smell
Relative Density 0.900-0.916
Refractive 1.468-1.500
Specific rotation ±8°
Content More than 99.9% volatile oil
Use Relieving cold, expelling wind wins wet, pain.
Name Amomum oil
Appearance Brown to reddish brown liquid
Relative Density 0.918 - 0.950
Refractive 1.495 - 1.510
Specific rotation -20° — -60°
Content Containing amomum alcohol
Use Dampness appetizer, warm the spleen,antidiarrheal, miscarriage prevention
Name Angelica dahurica oil
Appearance Brown oily liquid,with strong special herbal aroma
Relative Density 0.946-0.981
Refractive 1.498-1.501
Specific rotation +23°
Content More than 98% volatile oil
Use Expelling wind-damp, swelling, relieve pain
Name Divaricate saposhnikovia root oil
Appearance Orange to yellow-green liquid
Relative Density 0.900 - 0926
Refractive 1.478 - 1.492
Specific rotation -27°
Content  Contain bisabolene, sesquiterpene alcohol, etc
Use Cure cold and fever, chills, headache, body pain