Natural Extracts Series

Name Paeonol
CAS No. 552-41-0
Appearance Light yellow or white shiny needle crystal powder
Use Clearing heat
Name Ursolic acid
CAS No. 77-52-1
Appearance Light yellow powder
Water ≤ 5%
Use Sedative, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-diabetes
Name Magnolol
CAS No. 528-43-8
Appearance Light yellow powder
Water < 10%
Use Dry dampness and eliminate fullness, descending qi and removing food retention, eliminating phlegm to smooth wheezing.
Name Thymol
CAS No. 89-83-8
Appearance White crystal, with spicy smell
Freezing point ≥ 49℃
Evaporation residue < 0.05%
Solubility 1g sample soluble in 3ml 80% (v / v) ethanol
Use Anti-bacterial, insect
Name Camphor
CAS No. 76-22-2
Appearance White crystalline powder
Melting Point ≥ 170℃
Specific rotation -2 — +5°
Use Regulating the flow of qi; killing parasites to relieve itching, stop swelling and pain
Name DL-Menthol
CAS No. 89-78-1
Appearance Colorless needle crystal, with a special smell peppermint
Melting point 42°C - 44+°C
Specific rotation -49 — -50°
Non-volatile residue ≤ 1mg
Use Carminative, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic
Name Borneol
CAS No. 507-70-0
Appearance Colorless flakes, with a cool smell of camphor
Melting point 205°C - 210°C
Non-volatile residue Residual matters less than 3.5mg
Content More than 55% borneol
Use Refreshing, eliminating heat, alleviating pain.